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Machinery Transportation


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Synergy Lifting have the capabilities to coordinate any type of heavy machinery transport work. From simple jobs requiring a van to complex jobs requiring road closures or deliveries to Europe, Synergy Lifting can provide you with a machinery transportation service. Our machinery transportation service can include:

  • Completing heavy lift machinery moves using our vast range of cranes.
  • Loading/offloading of machinery and transportation.
  • Positioning of machinery.
  • Nationwide movement service.
  • Heavy load and wide load movement services available.
  • Flexible working hours - we are able to work any day of the year at any time.
  • Plus the advantage of any of our other services such as machinery removal, relocation, transportation and storage.

About Our Machinery Transportation Service

What is our factory transportation service?

Our machinery transportation service can be used to transport heavy machinery and equipment from manufacturing facilities to a customer's site. It can be used in the relocation of heavy machinery between sites or the removal of redundant machinery for disposal. We utilise specialist equipment and skilled labour to give customer's a reliable service which is always on schedule. We can operate across the UK and are able to cater to each client's individual need.

Why choose Synergy Lifting's machinery transportation service?

Synergy Lifting have experience transporting heavy machinery of all sizes - from van loads to truck loads, from local deliveries to international movements. Our machinery transportation service can be part of a package service which includes our machinery installation, removal, lifting and storage services too - this creates both a cost saving and a convenience for yourself.

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