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Machinery Installation


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Synergy Lifting are proud to provide a turnkey machinery installation package for clients in a variety of sectors ranging from healthcare to printing to manufacturing and everything in between. Our specialist equipment and skilled workforce means we can offer an efficient and cost-effective machinery installation service which includes:

  • Completing heavy lift machinery moves using our vast range of cranes.
  • Loading/offloading of machinery and transportation.
  • Positioning of machinery.
  • Flexible working hours - we are able to work any day of the year at any time.
  • Plus the advantage of any of our other services such as machinery removal, relocation, transportation and storage.

About Our Machinery Installation Service

What is our machinery installation service?

Our machinery installation service is often required by customers who are having new heavy machinery delivered to their site. Our skilled workforce coupled with our specialist equipment allows us to tackle seemingly impossible machinery installations. Our team have experience installing machinery in different contexts - for example, removing roofs to lift machinery in or using skates and jacks to position machinery.

More often than not, our machinery installation service is carried out with our other machinery services such as machinery removal and machinery storage. Many of our projects involve removing machinery from one site and transporting it to another. If delivery cannot be taken immediately, then we also offer a machinery storage solution.

Why choose our machinery installation service?

Synergy Lifting have an experienced management team, qualified labour, specialist equipment and suitable plant to carry out machinery installation services. Our versatile fleet of cranes, for example, can manoeuvre inside buildings and access confined spaces. Our workforce are able to go above and beyond and we specialise in carrying out unique machinery installation work on a daily basis for companies in a range of industries and sectors.

Our full package machinery installation service is well coordinated, efficiently carried out and cost effective for our clients. We offer free no obligation site visits and quotations to all clients and we pride ourselves in providing a first-class machinery installation service which goes above and beyond expectations, even if you have unique machinery installation requirements.

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