About Our Factory Relocation Service

At Synergy Lifting, we provide a fully project managed factory relocation service for clients across the UK. When considering a factory relocation, you need to consider a company, such as Synergy Lifting, that have the practical knowledge and experience needed to successfully plan and carry out a turnkey factory relocation project. Our factory relocation team have specialised knowledge that allows us to carry out a safe, efficient and cost effective factory relocation. Given the high risk nature of a factory relocation and given that they are often time critical, failing to choose a specialist firm can result in project delays and unsafe working procedures. At Synergy Lifting, we pride ourselves on our unparalleled ability to carry out a turnkey factory relocation project that ensures a smooth change from the existing premises to the new premises with minimal disruption.

One stop shop - machine movers, relocation, strip-out, storage, transportation, disposal, craneage, lift & shift...

  • Free quotes and site visits
  • Heavy machine movers
  • Entire factory relocations
  • On-site heavy machine movements
  • Heavy lift moves using our cranes and equipment
  • Lift and shift operations using jacks, skates etc.
  • Detailed method statements and risk assessments
  • Interim storage and transportation services
  • Dismantling and disposal of redundant machines
  • Experienced in all sectors and industries

More Information About Our Factory Relocation Service

Project Planning and Risks

Our factory relocation projects are fully project managed from start to finish. This includes the issuing of thorough method statements and risk assessments prepared by our competent Appointed Person for all lifting activities. Our factory relocation team produce thorough documentation to ensure that all movement of equipment and machinery is recorded and communicated with the client.

Heavy Machine Movement

In addition to full turnkey factory relocation projects, our team also carry out heavy machine moves for single pieces of industrial machines and equipment. We are able to do on site lift and shift work, relocations or offer interim storage solutions. For factory relocation projects, we can carry out all heavy lift movements with detailed method statements and risk assessments.

Dismantling and Strip Out

At Synergy Lifting, we have dismantled entire plants and stripped down single machines for our clients. For example, our management team have experience dismantling and packing petrochemical plants. We can also strip down single machines into transportable sizes. If needed, we can also carry out strip out works to dispose of redundant equipment or machinery.


As with our other services, all of our factory relocation personnel are appropriately qualified with CSCS/CPCS/RTITB/NPORS qualifications. Our factory relocation projects are headed by a project manager and appointed person. There is then a site supervisor working in liaison with the project manager and together they coordinate the factory relocation operations in a safe and efficient manner.

Interim Storage

If you are relocating your factory but need an interim storage solution then we are able to offer space at our secure storage compound. This can be for either long or short periods of time and by offering this service the entire factory relocation project can be better coordinated. Our storage facilities are secure with fencing, cameras and routine checks on the equipment being stored.

Packing and Shipping

When suitable, our factory relocation team can create bespoke packing solutions for the safe relocation of all machinery and equipment. We have experience packing containers and flat racks for international relocations and we also have experience with smaller export packing solutions for single machines or pieces of equipment that require special care and attention.

Plant and Equipment

Synergy Lifting carry out machine movement, factory relocation and contract lift projects across the country. We are able to supply all of the plant (including craneage, forklifts etc.), transport (including HIAB wagons, trailers etc.), equipment (including skates, jacks, pallet trucks, chain blocks etc.) and tools necessary to carry out a full package factory relocation service.


We can organise and coordinate all transportation required for the factory relocation project. This allows us to better coordinate the entire factory relocation project which can reduce costs for the client. As an Upper Tier Waste Carrier, we are also able to remove and dispose of redundant equipment that is no longer needed and offset scrap value against the project cost.

M and E Services

Our factory relocation team are able to handle all M&E aspects of your factory relocation project. This can include decommissioning and recommissioning machinery and equipment. As part of our turnkey factory relocation service, we are able to tailor our service to our client and no factory relocation project is too big or too small for us to carry out.

Read About One Of Our Factory Relocation Examples

Factory Relocation - Eldon Brickworks

Synergy Lifting undertook a factory relocation project for a brickwork factory that involved a complete strip-out of all machinery in a carefully organised process to allow reassembly at the new location. Synergy Lifting provided experienced personnel, cranes, transport and equipment needed to undertake this task in a carefully planned, safe and efficient manner. Coordinating the entire factory relocation project allowed for a smooth operation with minimal disruption.

Synergy Lifting are able to carry out factory relocation projects across a range of sectors and industries. From brickwork factories to laboratories, we are versatile and equipped with the knowledge, experience, plant and equipment to tackle any factory relocation project and deliver a first class service. Get in touch to arrange a site visit, find out more about our services or to get an indication of pricing.

Why choose Synergy Lifting's factory relocation service?

Our factory relocation service utilises our specialist plant, equipment and workforce to deliver a cost effective and timely service. We offer our clients a flexible factory relocation service whereby we can work to tight schedules at any time of the year. We are able to carry out the relocation of entire factories or single pieces of machinery. Our turnkey factory relocation package means you do not have the hassle of coordinating the entire project and there are cost savings created through the synergy of our services - heavy machine movement, interim storage, transportation, project management, installation, dismantling and disposal.

What areas do we cover?

If you are looking to relocate a factory in the same region of the UK or relocate equipment to another country in Europe, Synergy Lifting have the expertise and specialist equipment to provide a turnkey factory relocation service. We are aware that relocating a factory can have huge implications in the running of your business so we employ efficient working techniques to ensure that your factory relocation is carried out in an efficient manner.

Turnkey Factory Relocation Service

We pride ourselves on offering a turnkey factory relocation service. By offering a one stop shop for our clients, we are able to improve coordination of the various operations involved in a factory relocation project. We are also able to benefit from synergistic cost savings and pass these on to our client. Arrange a site visit with us so that we can assess the scope of your factory relocation project and offer a proposal and quotation to carry out a safe and efficient factory relocation service.

M&EWe are able to disconnect electrical and mechanical points for existing equipment.
Strip-outIf needed, we can offer removal of access platforms, walkways and other infrastructure.
Re-assemblyIf dismantling machinery or equipment, we can provide documenting components for re-assembly where needed..
TransportWe can securely pack machinery and associated parts securely in line with the appropriate transport methods.
Full PackageWe can provide a fully self-contained service to reduce the amount coordination needed from yourselves.

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