Decommissioning and Asset Recovery

If you are downsizing your operations, closing a factory or decommissioning plant, your redundant assets could provide you with a valuable revenue stream. At Synergy Lifting we offer sales and promotional activities to ensure that our clients maximise the value of their redundant assets. Our asset management team is made up from our own internal capability along with our strategic partners allowing us to offer you the maximum asset recovery, with a choice of tailored options to suit you. If your assets are old and unusable, we are able to safely remove and dispose of them. If there is scrap value in your old redundant assets, we able to offset this against the cost of removal and disposal and this is why we often come in cheaper than our competitors.

One stop shop - cranes, transport, waste removal, sales, plant, labour...

A full package service from one point of contact...

Crane Hire

If needed, we can supply full contract lift services to remove redundant assets with our in house crane division.

Waste Recycling

As registered waste carriers, we can dispose of any scrap or waste materials for you in a safe and environmentally friendly way.


We can arrange transport to remove redundant assets from site and store at our premises for delivery elsewhere later.


We can market and sell redundant assets on your behalf to help release some cash flow in your business.


We supply qualified professionals on all of our projects with sufficient experience to carry out all types of work.

Bespoke Package

We strive to offer bespoke service solutions so if you have any requests we will try to accommodate you.

Examples of our decommissioning and asset recovery services...

Synergy Lifting Crane Hire - Redundant Asset Sales and Removal

Redundant Asset Sales and Removal

We can carry out free survey and valuations of your redundant assets, then carry out free marketing on your behalf for a set period of time. On a no sale no fee basis – a fee only applies if a sale goes ahead through our endeavours. We will take into consideration the work required to complete the process, removing the items and clearing the site, and we can agree on a set price. Then, through our industry related contacts and our marketing strategy, we can sell your redundant assets on your behalf over a set period of time, with any value remaining retained by yourself.

Synergy Lifting Crane Hire - Instant Asset Realisation

Instant Asset Realisation

Immediate outright purchase of industrial assets, prior to our company starting the removal process. Assets including whole redundant plants, individual pieces of process equipment, workshop machinery, all types of cranes including yard and overhead, all types of steel structures, for example steel framed buildings, bridges, including foot, road and railway bridges, silos, tanks, basically anything that can be, or needs to be removed immediately from its current location to clear your site and at the same time release immediate value into your company.

Why choose Synergy Lifting?

Synergy Lifting are able to implement our asset recovery and decommissioning services alongside any of our other services. For example, when lifting in new AHUs or chillers, we can remove and dispose of any redundant units on site. We also work on medium sized projects, dismantling batching plants and transporting any parts that may be reusable to other sites. On larger scale projects, we are able to dismantle petrochemical sites and recover / pack / transport assets that may be wanted elsewhere. Whatever your specific need, we are able to offer a bespoke package for you.

QualifiedAll our personnel are suitably qualified for the role they are being provided for.
DiscreteIf needed, we can advertise assets for sale in a discrete manner.
NationwideWe are able to supply our services anywhere across the country.
NetworkOur network of contacts means we are often able to shift your assets in a timely manner if needed.
VersatileSynergy Lifting are multi-disciplined and we are able to offer many services across many industries.