Heavy Machinery Movers

From heavy industrial machines and heavy equipment to full factories, Synergy Lifting are a machinery mover and factory relocation provider. We offer clients an affordable full package machinery movement solution which reduces the hassle of having to coordinate activities and increases cost effectiveness. Pick and choose from any of our machinery movement services to create a package tailored to your needs. We work with heavy machinery and equipment across a range of industries - from MRI scanners to air handling units to print presses, we are capable of lifting, moving, storing and transporting your heavy machinery and equipment. If you need interim storage whilst you are waiting to secure premises or if you need heavy lifting, we are able to provide a full service.

One stop shop - movement, relocation, strip-out, disposal, craneage, lift and shift...

We offer a range of machinery movement services...

Synergy Lifting Factory Relocation

Factory Relocation

Moving premises or shutting down an old factory? Our management expertise coupled with our plant and equipment mean we can offer a full factory relocation service which is efficient and cost effective. Our turnkey factory relocation services include suitable labour, cranes, equipment, transportation and storage.


Synergy Lifting Machinery Installation

Machinery Installation

Our skilled labourers and specialist equipment makes us ideal for machinery installations. Whether this requires a versatile crane to manoeuvre inside a factory or the removal of a roof to lift machinery in, Synergy Lifting have experience carrying out machinery installation projects on a regular basis.


Synergy Lifting Machinery Removal

Machinery Removal

Synergy Lifting have the expertise to remove heavy machinery from sites such as hospitals and factories. In addition to removing the machinery using our own cranes and equipment, we provide a host of other services such as machinery disposal, machinery storage, machinery relocation and machinery strip outs.


Synergy Lifting Machinery Storage & Distribution

Machinery Storage & Distribution

Synergy Lifting offer a unique machinery storage and distribution service. If you have machinery or equipment (such as AHUs, chillers, machinery etc.) which needs storing before being transported to an end destination - or old machinery which needs removing and storing - we can provide a one-stop service.


Synergy Lifting Machinery Strip Out

Machinery Strip Out

If you need to remove heavy machinery from a factory then we are able to strip it and dispose of it or relocate it to another factory. Our team of labourers and our specialist equipment make us ideal for this type of work. We are also able to offer our machinery installation service if it is being replaced.


Synergy Lifting Machinery Transportation

Machinery Transportation

If you are looking to transport machinery locally or globally, we can provide a machinery transportation solution for you. Synergy Lifting have the experience, plant, equipment and labour to do this efficiently and cost effectively. Feel free to combine this with our machinery installation and machinery storage services too.


Examples of our machinery movement projects...

Synergy Lifting Factory Relocation

Factory Relocation - Eldon Brickworks

A project at a brickworks factory involved a complete stripping of all machinery in a carefully organised process to allow reassembly at the new location. Synergy Lifting provided the labour, cranes and equipment needed to undertake this task. Coordinating the entire factory relocation project allowed for a smooth job which was finished on time.

Synergy Lifting Machinery Removal

Machinery Removal - Darlington Memorial Hospital

Synergy Lifting have the expertise to lift and transport a range of machinery. On a recent job we lifted an MRI scanner out of Darlington Memorial Hospital and placed it onto transport. We executed the lift in the early hours to minimise disruption and also provided road traffic management which was vital given the need for ambulances to drive in and out of the site.

Why choose Synergy Lifting?

Synergy Lifting are the perfect choice for any project that involves moving heavy equipment, regardless of whether it’s an entire factory to be moved or a single machine that needs relocating. Constant investment in new equipment ensures we are able to provide our clients with a first class machinery removal, storage, transportation, installation and relocation service. We have resources at hand to meet your needs, including experienced, qualified and accredited employees and fully certified equipment maintained to the highest standards. We have a proven track record of completing any size of project, adhering to the precise specification of the job whilst operating to the highest levels of health and safety possible.

M&EWe are able to disconnect electrical and mechanical points for existing equipment.
Strip-outIf needed, we can offer removal of access platforms, walkways and other infrastructure.
Re-assemblyIf dismantling machinery or equipment, we can provide documenting components for re-assembly where needed..
TransportWe can securely pack machinery and associated parts securely in line with the appropriate transport methods.
Full PackageWe can provide a fully self-contained service to reduce the amount coordination needed from yourselves.