Decommissioning and Asset Recovery by Synergy Lifting

Decommissioning and Asset Recovery


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If you are downsizing your operations, closing a factory or decommissioning plant, your redundant assets could provide you with a valuable revenue stream. At Synergy Lifting we offer sales and promotional activities to ensure that our clients maximise the value of their redundant assets. Our asset management team is made up from our own internal capability along with our strategic partners allowing us to offer you the maximum asset recovery, with a choice of tailored options to suit you. Below are are some of the options available.



Silo Removal - Leeds

Redundant Asset Sales & Removal

We can carry out free survey and valuations of your redundant assets, then carry out free marketing on your behalf for a set period of time. On a no sale no fee basis – a fee only applies if a sale goes ahead through our endeavours. We will take into consideration the work required to complete the process, removing the items and clearing the site, and we can agree on a set price. Then, through our industry related contacts and our marketing strategy, we can sell your redundant assets on your behalf over a set period of time, with any value remaining retained by yourself.

Asset Realisation

Instant Asset Realisation

Immediate outright purchase of industrial assets, prior to our company starting the removal process. Assets including whole redundant plants, individual pieces of process equipment, workshop machinery, all types of cranes including yard and overhead, all types of steel structures, for example steel framed buildings, bridges, including foot, road and railway bridges, silos, tanks, basically anything that can be, or needs to be removed immediately from its current location to clear your site and at the same time release immediate value into your company.


Constant investment in new equipment ensures we are able to provide our clients with a first class dismantling and demolition service. We have resources at hand to meet your needs, including experienced, qualified and accredited employees and fully certified equipment maintained to the highest standards. We have a proven track record of completing any size of project, adhering to the precise specification of the job whilst operating to the highest levels of health and safety possible. Whether the contract requires total demolition of a power station or intricate dismantling within a live industrial complex, our experienced and skilled team will adopt safe innovative solutions to ensure on-time completion.


  • Decommission existing machinery.
  • Complete demolition of existing building.
  • Dismantling of existing structures.
  • Completing heavy lift machinery moves using our vast range of cranes.
  • Site cleanup, including scrap removal.

We are the perfect  choice for any dismantling and demolition project, regardless of whether it’s an entire factory to be moved or an old site which needs clearing. For more information about our dismantling and demolition services get in touch with our team today.